We’re eating our way across the northern part of the state, learning about your Great Basin history and eating Basque. This is not a single trip, and we have no time line, but we have made a commitment to get to know Nevada while we sample Basque cooking and hospitality, with a few pichon punches and table wine to boot!

We started out as 4 friends meeting for dinner at the Halfway House – an old eating and drinking establishment at the Reno/Sparks intersection (halfway palatable)  – when we were struck with the idea to travel Nevada over the next months/years and get to know the Basque restaurants that pepper the state in almost every small and large town and haven.

Some of these restaurants have already changed hands since we started this endeavor, bringing new owners, new chefs, updated decor and always a commitment to the Basque way, Basque traditions and Basque food!

The Great Basin welcomed the Basque people and has welcomed us as well, so we’re off to see how we are all connected.